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One of General Ivolgin's Stories

Throughout the novel, General Ivolgin tells untrue stories about himself. Write your own sensationalized story for General Ivolgin to tell.

A Secret Letter

Through the novel, the characters communicate with secret letters. Choose two characters, and write a secret letter from one to the other. Explain the significance of this letter to each character.

Arrange the Characters' Marriages

Marriages are an important point of contention among the characters in the novel. Make your own arrangement of marriages between the characters, by matching up all the available characters in the novel. Explain the reasons for your choices.

Modern Update of The Idiot

Create a modern movie version of The Idiot, set in modern-day America. Write a short synopsis of the updated story and how it's changed by the new setting. Create a movie poster, and choose a director and cast members to play the...

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