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Prince Lev Nikolayevich Myskin

The protagonist, the Idiot of the title, suffers from epilepsy and has spent time in a hospital, resulting in little knowledge of the outside world. This character displays such openness with people, it prompts laughter in disbelief. This character's trust of people and ability to forgive paint the character as Christ-like. While the character is recovering from a seizure, a variety of people visit him asking for money and advice. The protagonist is always willing to help, resulting in disaster.

Few friends value this character, merely looking to take advantage. Others try to extort money from the character using a scandalous article. Only one relative acknowledges the character is not an idiot, and they develop a close friendship. Still, this friend is often exasperated by the way this character allows the others to take advantage. The protagonist is sincerely in love with one woman...

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