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Part 1 Ch. I-V

• Myshkin, Rogozhin, and Lebedev meet on a train to St. Petersburg, and Myshkin explains about his past in hospitals due to his epilepsy.
• Myshkin arrives at Yephanchin's house and convinces the General to help him find a job and a place to live with his assistant Ganja.
• Myshkin sees a picture of the lovely Nastassya, whom he knows Rogozhin is interested in, and meets the beautiful Aglaya, the Yephanchins' youngest daughter.
• General Yephanchin tries to arrange a marriage between Nastassya and Ganja, though Yephanchin himself is attracted to her.

Part 1 Ch. VI - X

• Madam Yephanchin deduces that General Yephanchin is trying to arrange a marriage for Nastassya and is upset.
• Ganja blames Myshkin for Madam Yephanchin finding out about Nastassya, and meanwhile he sends Aglaya a letter, asking her to marry him so he doesn't need to marry Nastassya.
• Myshkin goes to Ganja's home...

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