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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 64, where does Britton plan to take the Rolvag out of Drake Passage?
(a) Toward American waters.
(b) Toward South America to escape the gale.
(c) Toward a British Naval Base on Georgia Island.
(d) Toward the Ice Limit.

2. In Chapter 61, what type of job does Lloyd decide he will offer Puppup at the Lloyd Museum?
(a) Security or maintenance.
(b) Administration or transportation.
(c) Transportation or maintenance.
(d) Security or janitorial.

3. In Chapter 54, who does Lloyd think is the only person who can get the meteorite out of Chile?
(a) Glinn.
(b) McFarlane.
(c) Amira.
(d) Britton.

4. In Chapter 84, what is happening to the life boats that causes concern to the survivors?
(a) They become exposed to the cold.
(b) They begin to move back toward the Ice Limit.
(c) They begin taking on water.
(d) They begin to deflat.

5. In Chapter 53 Britton realizes Glinn is using what feature of the ship to help raise the ship to the level of the bluff in order to move the meteorite onto the tower built out of the cargo hold to safely lower the meteorite into the ship?
(a) The lower levels of the ship.
(b) The ballists.
(c) The air tanks on the outside of the ship.
(d) The oil tanks in the center of the ship.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 61, who does Glinn send to take care of the apparent discharge from the meteorite?

2. In Chapter 77, what does Britton see on the edge of the ice island above the Rolvaag?

3. In Chapter 83, who accompanies Glinn to the abandoned cargo hold?

4. In Chapter 82, what one word does Britton utter each time the ship struggles against a new wave?

5. In Chapter 74, what prevents the Rolvaag from hiding as it enters the Ice Limit?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is the Rolvaag hit, as determined by Britton in Chapter 75? What does this damage suggest to Britton?

2. What happens in Chapter 77 when the Almirante Ramirez comes around the corner of the ice island and faces the Rolvaag?

3. In Chapter 69, what does McFarlane realized caused the electrical discharge from the meteorite in the cargo hold? What does he plan to do about it?

4. Where does Glinn advise Britton to take the ship in Chapter 74? What argument does Britton make against this plan?

5. What item does Rachel Amira give to McFarlane in the lifeboat? What does she ask McFarlane to do with it?

6. What nautical destination does Glinn assume will cause the Almirante Ramirez stop its pursuit of the Rolvaag? Why? Does it?

7. In Chapter 65, what danger does Glinn identify for the Rolvaag? What action does he recommend taking against it?

8. What happened in the cargo hold that caused the deaths of most of Garza's men? Who does Garza blame? Who does McFarlane blame?

9. What conclusion does McFarlane announce to Lloyd in the final chapter of the book? Is this conclusion accurate.

10. Palmer Lloyd was sent to his rooms like a bad boy and was filled with anger toward Glinn. What changes his mind in Chapter 58? What does Lloyd plan to do the next time he sees Glinn?

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