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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of bit do Amira and McFarlane attempt to drill the meteorite with?
(a) A diamond bit.
(b) A steel bit.
(c) An iron bit.
(d) A glass bit.

2. What role is Amira supposed to play while on the expedition?
(a) Glinn's secretary.
(b) McFarlane's assistant.
(c) Glinn's assistant.
(d) McFarlane's secretary.

3. What is the name of the channel where the Rolvaag lowers its anchor during the recovery of the meteorite?
(a) Jefferson Channel.
(b) Elizabeth Channel.
(c) Lincoln Channel.
(d) Franklin Channel.

4. What is the melting point of the meteorite?
(a) One point two thousand degrees Kelvin.
(b) One point two million degrees Kelvin.
(c) One point two degrees Kelvin.
(d) One point two hundred degrees Kelvin.

5. What is the profession of the man Vallenar interviews in Chapter 28?
(a) Dealer in illegal surveillance.
(b) Dealer in illegal government documents.
(c) Dealer in cheap ship repair equipment.
(d) Dealer in used eletronic equipment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does McFarlane want to call the meteorite?

2. What happens in Chapter 33 when Glinn has the power to the hydraulic jacks brought up to seventy percent?

3. In Chapter 42, how does Timmer find the door to the tunnel where the meteorite sits?

4. What does Lloyd want to call the meteorite?

5. Why does Palmer Lloyd go to the Kalahari Desert to see Sam McFarlane in Chapter 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. What crime does Puppup tell Glinn Vallenar once committed? What was calculated about this crime?

2. What does Dr. Brambell say caused Masangkay's death? How does this impact the expedition at this point?

3. Who are the people Sam McFarlane has hired to help him search for meteorites in the Kalahari Desert? How does he win their trust? How does he lose it?

4. What unusual findings do McFarlane and Glinn make when they remove Masangkay's body for study on the ship in Chapter 27?

5. Why does Glinn gather his team and suggest they end the expedition in Chapter 35? Do they?

6. Why does Rochefort go into the tunnel with the jacked up meteorite in Chapter 34? What happens?

7. Why does Glinn insist that McFarlane accompany him to the island where they will be interviewed by customs? Why does Glinn want himself and McFarlane to present fake passports when they arrive in Chile?

8. What does Glinn's company, Effective Engineering Solutions, Inc., do? What is their success record? Why does Lloyd hire them?

9. What story does Puppup tell the men as they make their way to the site of the meteorite in Chapter 22?

10. For what reason does Glinn want to add Puppup to their crew? Where does Glinn find Puppup in Chapter 18?

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