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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does McFarlane believe the meteorite's arrival on the island impacted the topography of the island?
(a) It created the volcano.
(b) It caused a volcanic eruption.
(c) It landed during an eruption, causing its unique color.
(d) It destroyed the volcano.

2. What does Lloyd want to call the meteorite?
(a) Desolation meteorite.
(b) Rolvaag meteorite.
(c) Chilean meteorite.
(d) Lloyd meteorite.

3. In Chapter 31, Rochefort tells McFarlane they have placed what percentage of extra jacks under the meteorite?
(a) Ten percent.
(b) Ninety percent.
(c) Forty percent.
(d) Fifty percent.

4. What element of the San Bushman language does McFarlane have trouble reproducing in Chapter 4?
(a) The trill of the r's.
(b) The strange clicks of the language.
(c) The guttural sounds of the language.
(d) The strange consonants.

5. How big does Garza believe the meteorite is as discussed in Chapter 31?
(a) Ten feet in diameter.
(b) Four feet in diameter.
(c) Forty-two feet in diameter.
(d) Twenty feet in diameter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the channel where the Rolvaag lowers its anchor during the recovery of the meteorite?

2. Where does Amira tell McFarlane that Glinn earned his military experience?

3. Who does McFarlane and Amira see jogging in foul weather on the deck of the Rolvaag in Chapter 20?

4. What item of modern technology does Sam McFarlane attempt to get San Bushmen to use in order to help him search for meteorites?

5. How has Glinn disguised the labs to be used in the recovery of the meteorite?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Glinn find Captain Britton? How does this pertain to her decision to take the job he has offered her?

2. What causes the computers on the island to fail? What is found in the tunnel with the meteorite?

3. What is being auction at a Christie's auction house in Chapter 3? What is unusual about the buyer?

4. What does Dr. Brambell say caused Masangkay's death? How does this impact the expedition at this point?

5. What does McFarlane learn about Amira's relationship with Glinn in Chapter 38 that sheds light on Glinn's personality?

6. Why does Glinn insist that McFarlane accompany him to the island where they will be interviewed by customs? Why does Glinn want himself and McFarlane to present fake passports when they arrive in Chile?

7. What report does McFarlane find in Amira's quarters in Chapter 37? What does this report say? How does McFarlane feel about this report?

8. What causes a near collision in Chapter 18 with the Rolvaag? What does this suggest about the dangers of the expedition?

9. Why is a guard posted at the camp where the meteorite is sitting? What happens on the first night of guard duty?

10. Why does Rochefort go into the tunnel with the jacked up meteorite in Chapter 34? What happens?

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