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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 41, what does Garza call the plan that they intend to use to move the meteorite from the staging site to the bluffs above the Rolvaag?
(a) Cut and cover.
(b) Hide and dash.
(c) Cover and run.
(d) Run and hide.

2. In Chapter 36, Glinn claims his great-great-great grandfather kidnapped what relative of Puppup's?
(a) His great-great-great grandfather.
(b) His great-great-great uncle.
(c) His great-great-great grandmother.
(d) His great-great-great aunt.

3. In Chapter 36, Puppup claims to have inherited the remaining treasures of the Yaghan Indians. What does he say he did with it?
(a) Hid it on a remote island.
(b) Sold it and gave it to his wife's family.
(c) Sold it and drank the profits.
(d) Gave it to a museum.

4. What item of modern technology does Sam McFarlane attempt to get San Bushmen to use in order to help him search for meteorites?
(a) Metal detectors.
(b) Large magnets.
(c) Cell phones.
(d) Seismograph machines.

5. What impending situation is mentioned in both Chapters 39 and 40?
(a) A possible earthquake.
(b) A possible panteonero.
(c) An expected tsunami.
(d) A hurricane.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Masangkay touch his find in Chapter 1?

2. What is Christie's, the setting of Chapter 3?

3. What is an island of stability?

4. According to Amira in Chapter 41, what is the look?

5. What meal does McFarlane recall in Chapter 22 that Masangkay attempted to share with him five years previously as they hid from armored trucks in a foreign country?

Short Essay Questions

1. What operation has Glinn had his men set up on the island to fool any Chilean officials who happen to be watching them? Is anyone watching them?

2. What causes a near collision in Chapter 18 with the Rolvaag? What does this suggest about the dangers of the expedition?

3. Why does Glinn's team make an effort to make the ship they are preparing for the expedition look older than it really is?

4. What does Glinn's company, Effective Engineering Solutions, Inc., do? What is their success record? Why does Lloyd hire them?

5. Why does Rochefort go into the tunnel with the jacked up meteorite in Chapter 34? What happens?

6. What proof in Chapter 30 do McFarlane and Amira get from Glinn that supports their theory that the meteorite is interstellar rather than having come from our solar system?

7. What unusual findings do McFarlane and Glinn make when they remove Masangkay's body for study on the ship in Chapter 27?

8. What does Lloyd do when he first sees the meteorite? Who warns against this action? Why?

9. Who arrives on the Rolvaag via helicopter in Chapter 20? What is the purpose of this visit?

10. What causes the computers on the island to fail? What is found in the tunnel with the meteorite?

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