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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 78, what happens each time the Rolvaag rolls against the waves?
(a) The ship rolls over on its side.
(b) The ship tips forward too far.
(c) The ship sinks deeper into the ocean.
(d) The ship vibrates in the center, threatening to rip in two.

2. What does McFarlane tell Glinn in chapter 47 when he asks how safe the meteorite is?
(a) That it is dangerous and never should be placed on the Rolvaag.
(b) That it is dangerous and should be dropped into the sea at the first opportunity.
(c) That it is inert except when touched by a human hand.
(d) That it is inert except when touched with salt.

3. In Chapter 46, what event keeps Glinn and his scientists from understanding why the meteorite appears to kill when touched?
(a) McFarlane's touch of the meteorite the day it was first uncovered.
(b) The bomb that must have killed Vallenar's man.
(c) Lloyd's touch of the meteorite when it was first uncovered.
(d) The lightening that clearly killed Masangkay.

4. In Chapter 57, why does Glinn feel the Rolvaag's actions against the Almirante Ramirez were justified?
(a) The Almirante Ramirez's captain is acting outside his authority.
(b) The Almirante Ramirez fired first.
(c) The panteonero will sink the Almirante Ramirez, not their actions.
(d) The Almirante Ramirez was not supposed to be in that channel anyway.

5. In Chapter 57, what does Britton say she thinks of Glinn's mental state?
(a) That he is the sanest man she knows.
(b) That he is insane.
(c) That he is manic depressive.
(d) That he is highly intelligent.

6. In Chapter 70, what is Vallenar's greatest fear as the waves begin to take their toll on his ship?
(a) He will not be able to retrieve the meteorite for Chile.
(b) He will not see his son again.
(c) He will die.
(d) He will not be able to complete his mission.

7. In Chapter 72, why does Glinn instruct his men to turn off the radar jamming equipment and ask Britton to cut the engines?
(a) To make Vallenar believe they are dead in the water.
(b) To make Vallenar come close enough to damage his ship on their wake.
(c) To force Vallenar close enough for them to fire on his ship.
(d) To attract the attention of a nearby naval base.

8. In Chapter 61, who does Glinn send to take care of the apparent discharge from the meteorite?
(a) Lloyd and Amira.
(b) Lloyd and McFarlane.
(c) McFarlane and Amira.
(d) McFarlane and Garza.

9. In Chapter 82, what alternative does Lloyd offer to the use of the dead man switch?
(a) They could abandon ship and hope the Rolvaag survives with the meteorite on board.
(b) They could simply ride out the storm.
(c) They could return to Isla Desolacion and return the meteorite.
(d) They could pay someone to come rescue them.

10. What is the cradle where the meteorite is to sit in the ship designed for?
(a) To keep the meteorite from being damaged.
(b) To keep the meteorite from shifting.
(c) To keep the meteorite from crushing someone.
(d) To keep the meteorite from releasing a jolt of electricity.

11. In Chapter 83, what does Britton ask Glinn to do?
(a) Trigger the dead man switch.
(b) Marry her.
(c) Release the tarp on the meteorite.
(d) Leave on a lifeboat with her.

12. In Chapter 59, why does Vallenar request a team of six go into the water to repair the propellers?
(a) At least one of them will live long enough to finish the job.
(b) It takes six to bolt the propeller to the ship.
(c) At least that many are necessary to remove the old propellers.
(d) It takes six to lift the heavy propellers.

13. In Chapter 81, what reason does McFarlane believe it was a mistake to take the meteorite to sea?
(a) It is a danger to the eco system of the earth.
(b) It is dangerous to the ship and crew.
(c) It has caused the Rolvaag's current situation.
(d) If it leaves the ship it will never be recoverable again.

14. In Chapter 66, why does a man on the Almirante Ramirez refuses a direct order?
(a) He believes they should be sailing faster.
(b) He believes Vallenar is working outside his authorization.
(c) He believes Vallenar killed several crewmembers without good cause.
(d) He does not like Vallenar.

15. In Chapter 77, what does Britton see on the edge of the ice island above the Rolvaag?
(a) Military aircraft.
(b) Helicopters.
(c) Four of Glinn's men.
(d) Falling ice.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 60, who is in charge of the team sent to finish the welds on the meteorite's cradle?

2. In Chapter 78, who does Britton inform her officers to call for help?

3. In Chapter 69, what are investigators looking at in an attempt to find out what happened to cause the meteorite to discharge electricity in the cargo hold?

4. In Chapter 71, what item of jewelry does Amira ask to wear of McFarlane's in a moment of intimacy?

5. In Chapter 51, what does Britton say she will not allow on board her vessel?

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