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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 71, why does Amira confess to McFarlane that she wants to continue studying the meteorite even after they arrive back in the States?
(a) To find an internal power source.
(b) To learn how old it really it.
(c) To prove it is interstellar.
(d) To write a paper that will make her reputation in the scientific community.

2. In Chapter 45, Glinn makes a comment about the mysterious dead man in Spanish. What does this statement suggest to both McFarlane and the reader?
(a) Glinn has no clue who the man was or who sent him.
(b) Glinn speaks in Spanish when he does not want anyone to know what he is saying.
(c) Glinn is having a nervous breakdown.
(d) Glinn thinks the man was sent by Vallenar.

3. In Chapter 69, what does Amira suggest set off the electrical charge?
(a) Nothing, it was random.
(b) Nothing, it did not happen.
(c) Someone touched it.
(d) Someone hit it with the heat of a torch.

4. In Chapter 65, what does Glinn realize the Almirante Ramirez has really done?
(a) Blocked off all means of escape.
(b) Forced them to drop the meteorite.
(c) Trapped them against a reef.
(d) Forced them to surrender.

5. In Chapter 84, who took command of the Rolvaag's crew after Britton left the bridge?
(a) Garza.
(b) Howell.
(c) McFarlane.
(d) Lloyd.

6. In Chapter 80, what does Britton discover missing from the main deck?
(a) All of the crew assigned to the area.
(b) All the mining equipment.
(c) Most of the maindeck.
(d) Most of the containers and several davits.

7. In Chapter 78, what happens each time the Rolvaag rolls against the waves?
(a) The ship vibrates in the center, threatening to rip in two.
(b) The ship tips forward too far.
(c) The ship sinks deeper into the ocean.
(d) The ship rolls over on its side.

8. In Chapter 71, what item of jewelry does Amira ask to wear of McFarlane's in a moment of intimacy?
(a) His MIT ring.
(b) His mother's wedding ring.
(c) His grandmother's brooch.
(d) His high school class ring.

9. In Chapter 51, Glinn reveals that EES controls what vital component of the Rolvaag?
(a) The radar system.
(b) The propellers.
(c) The engine room.
(d) The computer system.

10. In Chapter 47, who does McFarlane point out is blocking the only exit out of the channel?
(a) Britton.
(b) Amira.
(c) Lloyd.
(d) Vallenar.

11. In Chapter 52, why does Glinn have Lloyd locked in his suite on the Rolvaag?
(a) He attempts to interfere in Glinn's plan for the Almirante Ramirez.
(b) He refuses to pay Glinn for his services.
(c) He attempts to call the Chilean government for help.
(d) He attempts to overrule Britton's control of the bridge.

12. In Chapter 50, Vallenar learns he has been issued a second order to do what?
(a) Arrest Glinn.
(b) Continue on his previous assignment.
(c) Return to base.
(d) Arrest Lloyd.

13. In Chapter 74, what prevents the Rolvaag from hiding as it enters the Ice Limit?
(a) Bright light.
(b) Lack of ice.
(c) The size of the Rolvaag.
(d) The Almirante Ramirez is too close.

14. In Chapter 66, why does a man on the Almirante Ramirez refuses a direct order?
(a) He does not like Vallenar.
(b) He believes they should be sailing faster.
(c) He believes Vallenar killed several crewmembers without good cause.
(d) He believes Vallenar is working outside his authorization.

15. In Chapter 75, what does Britton notice is different about the Rolvaag?
(a) The sound of the engines.
(b) The shape of the bridge.
(c) The shape of the deck.
(d) The sound of the computers.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does it take to move the meteorite to the bluffs overlooking the Rolvaag?

2. In Chapter 60, what order is given to the work crew in regards to their interaction with the meteorite?

3. In Chapter 63, who is the first person interviewed in the investigation into the discharge of the meteorite?

4. What is the cradle where the meteorite is to sit in the ship designed for?

5. In Chapter 77, what does Glinn express a desire to learn from Britton?

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