The Ice Limit Short Essay - Answer Key

Lincoln Child
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1. What does Masangkay anticipate will be the rewards for discovering a unique meteorite on the Isla Desolacion? Who does he wish to pay back?

Masangkay believes that finding a unique meteorite on the Isla Desolacion will give him a huge payday that will pay back most of what he had to borrow to finance this expedition. Masangkay also hopes that he will be able to settle with previous debtors, including his former partner.

2. What does a native man find on Isla Desolacion when paddles there in Chapter 2? What does he do about it?

A native man paddles to Isla Desolacion and finds a partially dug hole. Beside the hole the man finds equipment he does not recognize and the near naked body of a man. He takes items he thinks might be of value and leaves the body where he found it, deciding not to tell anyone about his find should they think he stole the items.

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