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Lincoln Child
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 36-43.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What illness does Puppup claim killed his wife in Chapter 36?
(a) The plague.
(b) Measles.
(c) Smallpox.
(d) Chicken pox.

2. In Chapter 42, what covers the sounds of Timmer's approach as he infiltrates the perimeter of the staging area?
(a) Music from the staging area.
(b) Sand on the ground.
(c) Voices in the staging area.
(d) An impending storm.

3. Why does Vallenar dislike disposable razors as discussed in Chapter 28?
(a) Two blades are not enough to give a good shave.
(b) Two blades are a waste when one is good enough. It is typical of American inventions.
(c) They do not shave closely enough.
(d) They are cheap.

4. In Chapter 36, Puppup claims to have inherited the remaining treasures of the Yaghan Indians. What does he say he did with it?
(a) Sold it and drank the profits.
(b) Gave it to a museum.
(c) Sold it and gave it to his wife's family.
(d) Hid it on a remote island.

5. In Chapter 32, what does Bramwell find unusual about Masangkay's bones?
(a) They are all broken.
(b) They are all burnt.
(c) They are all too small for a male.
(d) They are mixed with animal bones.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 36, Glinn claims his great-great-great grandfather kidnapped what relative of Puppup's?

2. What role is Amira supposed to play while on the expedition?

3. According to Amira in Chapter 41, what is the look?

4. What is the name of the meteorite that caused the falling out between McFarlane and Masangkay?

5. In Chapter 39, who does Vallenar wish to interrogate about the actions of the Americans on the Rolvaag?

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