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Lincoln Child
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 44-52.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How big does Garza believe the meteorite is as discussed in Chapter 31?
(a) Twenty feet in diameter.
(b) Four feet in diameter.
(c) Forty-two feet in diameter.
(d) Ten feet in diameter.

2. In Chapter 17, why does Comandante Vallenar tell custom officials that the Americans are after gold on Isla Desolacion?
(a) He does not want them given the right to step on Chilean soil.
(b) He does not believe there is iron ore on the island.
(c) He has tried to mine gold there himself.
(d) He believes all foreigners are looking for gold.

3. In Chapter 39, who does Vallenar wish to interrogate about the actions of the Americans on the Rolvaag?
(a) Britton.
(b) Glinn.
(c) The custom officials.
(d) Puppup.

4. How does Puppup react in Chapter 21 as Lloyd, Glinn, and McFarlane admire Isla Desolacion?
(a) He insists it is his island, not theirs.
(b) He laughs.
(c) He walks away.
(d) He cries.

5. How does McFarlane believe the meteorite's arrival on the island impacted the topography of the island?
(a) It created the volcano.
(b) It caused a volcanic eruption.
(c) It landed during an eruption, causing its unique color.
(d) It destroyed the volcano.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what reason is it revealed in Chapter 9 Captain Britton went to rehab?

2. According to Amira in Chapter 41, what is the look?

3. In Chapter 42, what damage to the cart beneath the meteorite makes McFarlane believe the disturbance was an electrical arc rather than a bomb?

4. What meal does McFarlane recall in Chapter 22 that Masangkay attempted to share with him five years previously as they hid from armored trucks in a foreign country?

5. What unsettling thing does Vallenar do to the Rolvaag in Chapter 36?

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