Objects & Places from The Ice Limit

Lincoln Child
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This unusually colored specimen is found on an isolated island off the coast of Chile.


These are used to lift the large meteorite out of the ground.

Storage Containers

These have been placed on the deck of the Rolvaag and contain important equipment to be used to recover the meteorite.

Electron Microprobe

McFarlane uses this to get examples of the meteorite to do tests on. This is used as a last resort when it turns out the meteorite cannot be drilled or otherwise manipulated to provide a sample.


Amira gives McFarlane one of these that contains all the test results from tests run on the meteorite. McFarlane uses this to continue puzzling out the nature of the meteorite.

Override Computers

Glinn has placed these in the cargo hold and on the Rolvaag's bridge so that he might override Britton's control of the ship in moments...

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