The Ice Limit Fun Activities

Lincoln Child
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Star Gazing Party

Invite a friend over and watch the sky for falling stars or what could be a falling meteorite. Write an essay about your experience to present to the class.

Board Game

Create a board game that is based on the movement of the Rolvaag from beginning to end of the expedition. Use the meteorite as pitfalls in the game, such as the go to jail cards in Monopoly.

Use vocabulary from the novel to create a word search puzzle.


Use vocabulary words from the novel to create a crossword puzzle with challenging clues.


Create a collage that represents one of the major themes of the novel.


Create a diorama of the Rolvaag, focusing on one section of the ship such as the bridge or the cargo hold where the meteorite is placed.

Diorama 2

Create a diorama of the museum Lloyd...

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