The Ice Limit Character Descriptions

Lincoln Child
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Dr. Sam McFarlane - This character is a scientist who specializes in meteorites but was once discredited for selling a meteorite out from under his partner.

Palmer Lloyd - This character is an extremely rich man who has a fascination with the unusual. This character wants to open a museum in which to display his collection of unusual items.

Eli Glinn - This character once failed in combat and, as a result of this, has an aversion to failure.

Comandante Emiliano Vallenar - This character is a patriot who does not like to see people from other countries taking advantage of the natural resources of this character's country.

Dr. Rachel Amira - This intelligent character is a mathematician who helps to reveal the true nature of the meteorite.

Captain Sally Britton - This character was once unfairly discredited in his/her career but proves to be invaluable...

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