The Ice Limit Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lincoln Child
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Chapters 1-8

• Dr. Masangkay dies when a he touches a newly discovered meteorite and an electrical charge throws him from the area.

• A man steals Masangkay's belongings and sells them on the mainland.

• Palmer Lloyd buys a dinosaur skeleton for his private museum.
• Palmer Lloyd interferes with Sam McFarlane's work in order to ask him to join an expedition to recover a rare meteorite.

• Eli Glinn meets with Palmer Lloyd and Sam McFarlane to discuss his company taking on the task of moving the meteorite.

• McFarlane meets with Eli and his people to discuss the complications in moving such a meteorite.
• Glinn agrees to take the job.

• Glinn explains the use of a dead man switch in the ship in which they plan to move the meteorite in case of trouble.

Chapters 9-17

• Glinn recruits a discredited ships captain to captain the ship that will recover the meteorite...

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