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Short Answer Questions

1. What weapon did Mitch utilize on Anson?

2. What aroma does Holly imagine in the kitchen?

3. What emotions do sociopaths possess?

4. How did Mitch know that Taggart hadn't recovered well enough to give a description of the Honda?

5. What did the killer take from the casket of the child that died of cancer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mitch do to Anson?

2. What sign did the kidnapper see above the girls and what did he perceive it to mean?

3. What does Mitch feel when the kidnapper calls him to move up the time?

4. Who does Holly keep thinking about? What gives her an idea?

5. Why did Anson tell Mitch the kind of work he was involved in with Julian Campbell?

6. What had happened to Mitch's parents?

7. Why doesn't Holly want to use the bedpan?

8. At what point did Mitch feel close to Holly, and how was he affected by this?

9. How does Holly feel about the items taken from the child's grave?

10. What did Holly end up doing and what was the hardest part of accomplishing her task?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Speculate on the purpose of Mitch's visit to his parent's place. Why was he wishing to speak to his mother? Why didn't he explain what was happening to him to his father? What characteristic made Mitch's mother a more likely choice for conversation?

Essay Topic 2

What did Jimmy Null mean when he asked Holly if she was a seeker? What was the point of the stories? Speculate on what he would have offered Holly had she said yes to the option of transcendence.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Jimmy Null's fascination with objects that contain "soul" power? What does Null believe these objects are capable of? Why does he go to such great lengths to connect them? What connection do these objects have with seeking?

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