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Cell Phone Call

This outlines the plot for the story.

Mitch and Holly's Kitchen

Where the wife had been kidnapped from.

Mitch and Holly's Garage

A place of surveillance of the husband and wife's home.

Holly's Honda

One of the primary vehicles for Mitch's transportation throughout the novel.

Anson's Condo

The place where two men are tasered.

Julian Campbell's House

This is the place where Anson's betrayal is revealed.

Anson's Woody

A car that had been rebuilt.

Anson's Kitchen Safe

A main source of the ransom.

Pregnancy Test

This is discovered in the kitchen.

Turnbridge House

A large mansion under construction but never completed.

The Learning Room

A place of sensory deprivation.

California Desert

Where Mitch was brought to be killed.

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