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A Mansion of Attention!

Create a drawing of something that caught your attention in the story regarding the two mansions that Mitch was in.

Spy on This!

Use the transmitter Mitch describes as being in the storage area of the attic in a short story of spies!

Brotherly 'Love'

Recount or create a short story of brotherly betrayal.

A Learning Room Life.

Utilizing earplugs, a blindfold, and a voice recorder, explain what your experience is like in sensory deprivation.

Bearer Bondage!

Create a false bearer bond.

We Have Your.....?

Create a ransom letter utilizing different text types.

It's a Dirty, Dirty Job...

Research and plan a garden space. What landscaping would you use? What flowers and food would you plant and why?

That's Yacht a Question!

Have each student explain what their dream yacht would be like.

A Company of Two, For Me, For You!

Imagine a company...

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