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Part One, What Would You Do for Love?, Chapters 1-6

• Mitch Rafferty is planting flowers in the yard of a client with his employee, Iggy Barnes.

• Mitch is enjoying the day and how normal his life is and all is shattered upon the ringing of his cell phone.

• Although he answers it as though he would answer it at any other time, he finds that it isn't a client or his wife on the other end of the line, but a kidnapper who claims to have his wife, Holly.

• The kidnappers give Mitch sixty hours to come up with two million dollars, and although he explains he is a simple gardener and doesn't have that kind of money, the kidnapper assures him that he will find a way.

• To prove their point, the abductors kill a dog walker walking across the street from where Mitch stands.
• Mitch stares...

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