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Suzanne Collins
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Hunger Games, Part 1, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name of the place where Panem rose out of the ashes into existence?
(a) Canada.
(b) Europe.
(c) South America.
(d) North America.

2. When Katniss and Peeta watch the recap of their own reaping, what causes them to laugh?
(a) Effie's crooked wig.
(b) The mayor's uncomfortable speech.
(c) Their own appearances.
(d) Haymitch's fall from the stage.

3. How many times is Katniss' name entered into the drawing at the reaping in the first chapter of the novel?
(a) Ten.
(b) Once.
(c) Twenty.
(d) Forty.

4. What is Buttercup?
(a) A cat.
(b) A goat.
(c) A dog.
(d) A goose.

5. What is a Peacekeeper?
(a) A soldier from the local district who patrol the outer borders of each district.
(b) A soldier from the Capitol who is assigned to keep order in the Districts.
(c) Politicians assigned to govern the districts.
(d) Futuristic cops assigned to enforce the rules of each district.

Short Answer Questions

1. What comment does Effie Trinket make about Katniss and Peeta's eating habits?

2. What is katniss?

3. What nickname does Gale use with Katniss?

4. What item did Peeta once take a beating from his mother to give to Katniss, leaving her indebted to him?

5. What weapon does Katniss have hidden in the woods which she uses to hunt with?

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