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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Worcester do when the French break through the blockade?
(a) Gathers armaments.
(b) Sends a message.
(c) Fires on them.
(d) Gives chase.

2. What causes Mustapha to rebel against the Brittish?
(a) News that his offer was rejected.
(b) A meeting with Harte.
(c) A new deal and offer from the French.
(d) The sight of the powder ships.

3. Why does Thornton choose to go home after the conflict at the blockade?
(a) His contracted time at duty has lapsed.
(b) He lost the battle.
(c) He has been ordered to do so.
(d) He is too weary to continue.

4. Why did things not go as expected for Aubrey when he went into the harbor with the French consort?
(a) They were afraid of the secret weapon rumors.
(b) They were low on food.
(c) They were all keeping neutrality agreements.
(d) They mistook Aubrey for someone else.

5. Who owns the Kitabi?
(a) Mustapha.
(b) Harte.
(c) Sciahan.
(d) Ismail.

6. How does Aubrey describe Mustapha?
(a) Boisturous.
(b) Strong.
(c) Loyal.
(d) Subtle.

7. Who is Aubrey commanded to deliver on his new ship?
(a) Maturin.
(b) Thornton.
(c) Graham.
(d) Martin.

8. What ship is Aubrey given command of when Thornton heads for home?
(a) Dryad.
(b) Surprise.
(c) Excellent.
(d) Prometheus.

9. Why does Harte give Aubrey the mission of meeting with the potentates?
(a) He needs an opening in the blockade.
(b) He wants Aubrey out of the way.
(c) He hates Aubrey.
(d) He knows Aubrey will succeed.

10. What does Aubrey forbid his men to do when entering the harbor where the French are anchored?
(a) Fire first.
(b) Fly their flag.
(c) Shine any lights.
(d) Make a sound.

11. Where do the French escape into after the conflict at the blockade?
(a) A Harbor.
(b) Toulon.
(c) A coral reef.
(d) A port.

12. Why does Aubrey like Mustapha more than Ismail?
(a) He is a sailor.
(b) He has a warrior's heart.
(c) He is intelligent.
(d) He speaks English.

13. What is Thornton desperate for after his time on the blockade?
(a) Peace.
(b) To be on land.
(c) Some combat.
(d) Word from his family.

14. How does Ismail feel about Sciahan?
(a) He fears him.
(b) He hates him.
(c) He respects him.
(d) He enjoys his company.

15. What kind of regions is Aubrey told to be delicate around?
(a) The neutral regions.
(b) The friendly regions.
(c) The enemy regions.
(d) The allied regions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Maturin supposed to meet with at the clandestine rendezvous?

2. Who rescues Graham?

3. What is Aubrey to do after leaving the blockade?

4. What delays the powder promised to the Ionian Region?

5. What do the newcomers on the boat say about Aubrey when he leaves the harbor with the French consort?

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