Objects & Places from The Humans: A Novel

Matt Haig
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Riemann Hypothesis

This is a mathematical theory about the placement of prime numbers in series of numbers.

Cambridge University

This is a prestigious school in England, where the main character teaches mathematics.

Holst’s The Planets

This is a classical musical composition that uses a cosmic theme for its movements.

Australian Wine

This is a kind of alcohol that the aliens comes to enjoy.

Peanut Butter

This is a human food that the aliens comes to enjoy.

Hat and Feathers

This is a pub where the alien goes with a student to have a drink before sleeping with the student at the student's flat.


This is a human art form that impresses the Vonnadorian visitor with the human capacity for complex emotions.


This is the place the alien who inhabits Andrea Martin’s body and identity comes from.


This is the word the Vonnadorian visitor...

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