The Humans: A Novel Character Descriptions

Matt Haig
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Andrew Martin

This person is a math professor who has solved the Riemann Hypothesis.

Isobel Martin

This person is a novelist who has all but abandoned writing in order to serve as the spouse of a famous mathematician.

Gulliver Martin

This person is a teenager who resents being the son of a famous mathematician.


This character is the family dog, a springer spaniel.

The Vonnadorian Visitor

This person does not have an individual name, but becomes a human being and assumes a dead man’s identity.

The Vonnadorian Host

This person is a group mind in an advanced civilization on another planet, who sent one of their number to Earth to monitor humankind.


This person is a close friend of the main character, and enjoys football (American soccer).

Daniel Russell

This person is a famous mathematician who also teaches at Cambridge, and is a rival to the...

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