The Humans: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Matt Haig
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Preface and Part 1, pages1-24

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Haig, Matt . The Humans. Simon & Schuster, 2013. Hardcover version.

• An unnamed narrator addresses an audience of unnamed readers (whom we will find out later are from Vonnadoria, the narrator’s home planet), explaining what humans are like, and the planet they live on; he is clearly describing Earth to non-Earthlings.

• The unnamed narrator describes human faces and features in a light way that is designed to be funny by looking at humans from a perfect outsider’s point of view; he is particularly appalled by their noses.

• The unnamed narrator says that humans’ “conversation topics are rarely the things they want to be talking about,” and that there is an “infinite list” of “Things They Do to Make Themselves Happy That Actually Make Them Miserable” (1).

• He says that “this is all...

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