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Peter Bognanni
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One of Buckminster Fuller's visions was called a Cloud Nine. How did he define a Cloud Nine?
(a) A state of pure bliss.
(b) A terrible nuclear explosion.
(c) A puffy pastry that would raise one's IQ.
(d) A heated, levitating domicile.

2. What question does Sebastian write on his note card during the youth group activity?
(a) Will Nana be okay?
(b) Who am I meant to be?
(c) What is my path?
(d) What type of triangle am I?

3. What does Sebastian say to the Whitcombs just after he tells them his name?
(a) We don't want any.
(b) Welcome to the future.
(c) Do we get to choose how we pose?
(d) The hose is in the backyard.

4. What is the only word Sebastian recognizes from the first punk song Jared ever plays for him?
(a) Girlfriend.
(b) Rage.
(c) Anarchy.
(d) Maggots.

5. What is Jared's answer when Sebastian asks him for theories about whether Sid had stabbed Nancy or not?
(a) Nancy killed Sid.
(b) It is one of life's mysteries.
(c) Sid was too cool to be a murderer.
(d) Sid was framed.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Buckminster Fuller's most famous quote about religion, what had he said about God?

2. What happens to cut the first youth group meeting short?

3. What vision does Nana have when she is attuned to the signals of a Greater Intellect?

4. When Nana is allowed to go home after three days in the hospital, what are her first words to Sebastian after she calls his name in the night?

5. What is Sebastian's father doing in the only photograph of him that Sebastian has ever seen?

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