Objects & Places from The House of Tomorrow

Peter Bognanni
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Note Card

This object represents Sebastian's quest to find out what his path in life is meant to be. This object is used by Sebastian at the request of Janice at his first visit to a Youth Group meeting. When he is instructed to use this object to indicate something he wants to let go of and then is instructed to burn it, he writes on it, "Please, what is my path" (109) and tucks it in his breast pocket instead.

The Misfits CD

This object represents Sebastian's attempt to connect to Jared and to make him feel heard as a person. Sebastian buys this object for Jared and gives it to him the first time he visits Jared's home. Jared says he does not already have this object, so he is pleased with Sebastian's choice of gift and feels validated.

Suction Cups

This object symbolizes Sebastian's sheltered nature...

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