The House of Tomorrow Fun Activities

Peter Bognanni
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Geodesic Dome Model

Choose one of illustrations in the novel and recreate it using images you cut from magazines.

Punk Song Choice

Find an existing punk rock song whose instrumentals you think would fit well with Sebastian and Jared's composition "Stupid School" and play it for the class.

Live by the Principles

Choose one of Buckminster Fuller's guiding principles and make a list of things one could do on a daily basis to try to adhere to that chosen principle.

Movie Review

Watch the movie version of The House of Tomorrow and write a film review.

Jared's Diary

Write a diary entry from Jared's point of view after he comes home from meeting Sebastian the day of Nana's stroke.

Geodesic Dome Model

Use materials of your choice to build a replica of Sebastian and Nana's geodesic dome house.

Reverse the Situation

Write a short story in which everyone...

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