The House of Tomorrow Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Peter Bognanni
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Chapters 1-6

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Bognanni, Peter. House of Tomorrow. Berkeley Books, 2010. Print.

• Sixteen-year old Sebastian Prendergast lives with his Nana, Josephine Prendergast, in a geodesic dome house, the first of its kind in the whole state of Iowa.

• Nana believes that the universe is alive with forces and signals, which humans could understand if they only listened properly. According to her, humans are metaphysical beings within this universe, part of some grand scheme.

• Following the futuristic philosophies of her deceased colleague and close friend, R. Buckminster Fuller, whom Nana regards as the last genius of his kind, Nana believes that it is possible to eradicate all pain, suffering, and negativity from earth through a variety of future-oriented inventions and practices, of which the geodesic dome is one.

• Nana has been Sebastian's primary caregiver for over a decade...

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