The House of the Seven Gables Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How would you describe the House of Seven Gables?

The house is on Pyncheon Street and has a large elm growing outside. There is a garden and a guest house. The roof is marked with seven gabled peaks. There is also a bed of posies growing in a crack in the roof shingles. The side door has a shop window that was installed years after the house was first built.

2. Describe the Puritan-era legal battle over the land the house sits on.

Colonel Pyncheon wanted the land, even though it belonged to Matthew Maule. Maule stubbornly defended his property for several years, but Pyncheon finally got his way by accusing Maule of witchcraft, resulting in Maule being hanged.

3. What did Maule do right before he died?

Right before he died, Maule cursed the Pyncheon family by declaring, "Let them drink blood."

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