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The House

This is the center of the old dispute between the Pyncheons and the Maules and is said to be haunted. This is also where Hepzibah sets up her shop.

The Garden

Phoebe restores this place to life and vibrancy. It is a place that Clifford especially likes to spend time, and the whole family frequently lingers here on Sundays.

The Well

This is said to have been cursed by Matthew Maule before he died. Clifford is inexplicably fascinated by it, although he is warned to stay away from it.

The Portrait

This is in the parlor of the House of Seven Gables and is thought to embody the darkness and gloom that permeates the atmosphere of the House.

The Posies

These are on the roof of the House of the Seven Gables and are said to have been thrown there by Alice Pyncheon many years before...

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