The House of the Seven Gables Fun Activities

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Map/Illustrate the House

Create a map, diagram, or drawing of the House of Seven Gables, using details from the text as your guide. Provide text evidence and label the details.

Looking at Daguerrotypes

Look up and assemble a collection of daguerrotypes that you find interesting. Create a visual that also explains why they interested you.

Create a Soundtrack

Make a playlist of 8-10 songs that you would use in a soundtrack for The House Of The Seven Gables. Also write a brief entry for each song, explaining what theme/character/scene each song goes with and why.

Character Maps Using Opposites or Appearance vs. Reality

Illustrate a character and split the background into two halves. On one side, illustrate or collage elements that show one side of the character, and on the other side, the opposite quality. i.e. the Judge could have one side representing his...

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