The House of the Scorpion Character Descriptions

Nancy Farmer
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Matteo Alacran

This character is a clone who was created to save the life of his master.

El Patron

This character is the ruler of Opium.


This character is the head cook at the Big House.

Tam Lin

This character is the master's bodyguard and the person he trusts the most in the world.

Maria Mendoza

This character attends school at the Convent of Santa Clara, and believes in the teachings of Saint Francis.

El Viejo

This character is very old and dies when he refuses to receive fetal implants because he thinks they are evil.

Mr. Alacran

This character hates his wife for running away with another man and coming back pregnant. He dies from drinking the poisonous wine at a wake.

Felicia Alacran

This character used to be a concert pianist but she suffered a nervous breakdown and is addicted to laudanum.

Benito Alacran


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