The House of the Scorpion Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nancy Farmer
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Section 1: Chapters 1, 2 & 3

• Eduardo is a scientist working at a lab that creates clones. He is about to blunt the mind of one of these clones when he is told not to do so to the Matteo Allacran clones.

• Matt lives in a house with Celia, who is the cook at the big house. He is never allowed to leave and entertains himself with his toys and the TV.

• One day he starts crying because he is so lonely, and two children look at him through the window.
• The next day the children come back. Matt doesn't speak with them, and the children leave, but they leave Maria behind as it gets dark.

• Matt tries to help Maria by breaking a window and coming out to help her, but the glass from the window cuts his feet.

• Steven takes him back to the house and Rosa, the housekeeper takes...

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