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Short Answer Questions

1. Who walks Thomas and his father back to their home?

2. What does Thomas' father try to convince Mr. Pluto of?

3. How is Mr. Pluto's son dressed?

4. Who walks the Smalls back to their home?

5. Where are Thomas, his father and Mayhew waiting?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Pluto say about the four triangles?

2. What do Mr. Small and Thomas find in Chapter 14 when they enter the cave?

3. What does Mayhew ask Thomas and his father to do?

4. Who helps to clean the kitchen up at the start of Chapter 16?

5. What does the family go in search of?

6. What seems to help Mr. Small understand?

7. What does the Small family find when they return home in Chapter 12?

8. What does Thomas discover when he wakes in the morning?

9. What do Thomas and Mr. Small find in the office?

10. What roles do Thomas, Mr. Small and Mayhew have in the scheme?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the tools of characterization used by writers and determine what tools Hamilton used in the writing of "The House of Dies Drear".

Essay Topic 2

Analyze Hamilton's use of historical facts when writing the "The House of Dies Drear" and discuss whether it adds or detracts to the book.

Essay Topic 3

Choose two characters from the "The House of Dies Drear" and compare their traits and personalities. Use examples from the book to support your comparison.

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