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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What will keep the intruders away for a long time according to Mr. Pluto?
(a) Their shame.
(b) A court order.
(c) The police.
(d) A barbwire fence.

2. How does Pesty's mount appear to the intruders?
(a) As a large triangle.
(b) As a tank.
(c) As a flying horse.
(d) As a large group of slaves.

3. Why do Thomas and his family want to hire a locksmith?
(a) To repair their car door.
(b) To change the locks of the house.
(c) To repair the kitchen door lock.
(d) To buy a lock for the tunnels.

4. What tunnel does Mayhew show the Smalls?
(a) The one in Thomas' bedroom.
(b) The one under the living room fireplace.
(c) The tunnel behind the mirror.
(d) The one under the porch.

5. What room do they find vandalized?
(a) The kitchen.
(b) The garden.
(c) The bedrooms.
(d) The living room.

6. How are Thomas, his father and Mayhew dressed?
(a) Slaves.
(b) Dies Drear and the two dead slaves.
(c) Police officers.
(d) The Darrows.

7. What made Mr. Pluto's son decide to dress as he does?
(a) His father asked him.
(b) His father is ill.
(c) He want to prove he is worth more than his father.
(d) He wants revenge on the Darrows.

8. Where do Thomas and his family eat after church?
(a) At the university cafeteria.
(b) At home.
(c) At the church.
(d) A a local restaurant.

9. What does Thomas think of the church congregation in Chapter 10?
(a) There are no boys.
(b) It is larger than it should be.
(c) There are few children.
(d) It looks like a normal one.

10. How does Thomas' father open the secret passage in the wall?
(a) By pressing against a wall.
(b) By pushing a rock.
(c) By pressing a button.
(d) By pulling a dangling rope.

11. Why do Thomas, his father and Mayhew wait in a specific position in Chapter 18?
(a) To hide their glowing makeup.
(b) To keep each other in sight.
(c) To hide from the Darrows.
(d) To blend with the folliage.

12. What do Thomas and his father find at his office?
(a) A welcome basket.
(b) A small triangle.
(c) A small book.
(d) A warning note.

13. Where does Mr. Small say a slave could hide from hunters?
(a) In cotton fields.
(b) The Freeman's church congregation.
(c) In the local textile factory.
(d) In the orphanage.

14. How do the intruders react to the act?
(a) They are scared.
(b) They are angry.
(c) They are surprised.
(d) They are amused.

15. What does Thomas think of the congregation and Mr. Pluto?
(a) He thinks the congregation likes Mr. Pluto.
(b) He thinks the congregation respects Mr. Pluto.
(c) He thinks the congregation fears Mr. Pluto.
(d) He thinks the congregation ignores Mr. Pluto.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Thomas' father try to convince Mr. Pluto of?

2. Why does Thomas' father hope Mr. Pluto will die before he finishes cataloging the Dies Drear treasure?

3. Why is Thomas' family directed to the Carr filling station?

4. What do Mayhew and Mr. Small allow Mr. Pluto to do?

5. Where is Thomas' father's office located?

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