The House of Dies Drear Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What was the Underground Railroad according to Chapter 1?

According to Chapter 1, the Underground Railroad was a network that helped slaves escape to the North prior to the start of the Civil War.

2. What was considered a crime?

It was considered a crime to help slaves escape and those caught in the South were usually jailed or murdered.

3. Who does Thomas think fondly of when moving to Ohio?

When moving to Ohio, Thomas sits in the family car thinking fondly of his great-grandmother and thinks of how much he would miss her since they are moving.

4. Who is the house they were moving to once owned by?

The house they are moving to was once owned by a white abolitionist by the name of Dies Drear.

5. What is the rumor about the Dies Drear house?

The rumor about the Dies Drear house is that slaves continued to haunt the house because Dies Drear and two slaves were killed when he was caught helping them escape.

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