The House of Dies Drear Character Descriptions

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Thomas Small

This person is uprooted and is moved to Ohio from North Carolina where the house was part of the Underground Railroad.

Walter Small

This person is a history professor who teaches at a university near Dies Drear.


This person is a caretaker of a house and his obsession over a treasure causes his son and wife to leave him.

Mayhew Skinner

This person is deeply angry with one parent, but loves and respects the history of the area.

River Swift Darrow

This person's family is part of an Indian tribe that once owned the land and wants to take money for personal gain.

The Darrow Boys

These people try to find the treasure that a grandfather searched for as a young man.


This person is a young orphan and knows the location of the cavern.

Mack Darrow

This person sees through the obsession of...

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