The House Next Door Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anne Rivers Siddons
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• Colquitt says that she and Walter will appear in People magazine, which is surprising since they are not the kind of people normally featured in such a magazine.

• Colquitt and Walter live in a nice neighborhood and lead ordinary lives.

• Colquitt called People magazine to publicize the story of the house next door, which she thinks is haunted.

• The Kennedys know they will lose friends and their social standing because of the article, but they don't care.

• Walter and Colquitt hope that by telling the story of the house they will keep anyone else from buying it.
• They realize they could be sued for telling the story and that Walter may have to quit his job.

• Colquitt may lose her clients.

• If the Kennedys cannot keep the house from being sold, they plan to burn it to the ground.

• They do not believe they will survive burning...

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