Objects & Places from The House in Paris

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This is the capital city of France.

The Fishers' House

This is the home of Naomi and her mother.

The Salon

This is the main floor room in the Fishers' house.

Henrietta's Case

This is what Leopold spills open across the floor.

Henrietta's Deck of Cards

This is what is used to tell Leopold's fortune.

Mount Iris

This is the quiet English home of Karen's Aunt Violet and Uncle Bill.

The House in Twickenham

This is located in a suburb of London, England.

Victoria Station

This is where Karen says goodbye to Naomi and Max, who are leaving London.


These are sent between characters throughout the novel.


This is the location of Karen's and Max's first meeting without Naomi.


This is where Karen and Max consummate their relationship and act on their feelings.

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