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Part 1 - The Present - Chapters 1 and 2

• Henrietta arrives in Paris from England.

• Henrietta is to stop off at the Fisher home in between trains.

• Miss Fisher tells Henrietta that there is another guest at the Fisher home; a boy of Henrietta's age.

• Henrietta feels discomfort, uneasiness and resentment inside the house, for varying reasons.

• Henrietta has a nap and finds Leopold in her room when she awakes.

• The reader learns that Henrietta' mother is dead and the Leopold lives with his uncle and two aunts in a small Italian city.

Part 1 - The Present - Chapters 3 and 4

• Leopold looks through Miss Fisher's handbag hoping to find letters about him.

• Leopold finds an envelope that is empty. He believes the envelope has his mother's handwriting on it.

• Leopold reads a letter from his aunt to Miss Fisher that includes many instructions on how to care for Leopold. It...

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