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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Clarissa say might be a good omen?
(a) Opening Richard's room to light.
(b) Buying the flowers.
(c) Catching a glimpse of a movie star.
(d) Not catching the elevator to Richard's apartment.

2. How does Virginia see herself?
(a) As a privileged wife.
(b) As a great writer.
(c) As a closet lesbian.
(d) As merely a gifted eccentric.

3. What is interesting about Richard's lungs?
(a) Their capacity is small.
(b) The virus has not harmed them.
(c) They are unusually powerful.
(d) They are the only organs to have been touched by the virus.

4. What is the maid's response to Leonard's alarm?
(a) She turns her head away and conceals a smile of triumph.
(b) She panics and runs to the kitchen.
(c) She goes to the phone to call the police.
(d) She panics and starts to cry.

5. Vanessa resembles a sculpture of which period, according to Virginia?
(a) Late Baroque.
(b) Pre-Raphaelite.
(c) Byzantine.
(d) Sixteenth century.

6. Where is Clarissa when Willie Bass sees her?
(a) On the corner of Eighth Avenue and King Boulevarde.
(b) On the corner of Eighth Street and Park Avenue
(c) On the corner of Fifth Avenue and East 90th Street.
(d) On the corner of Eighth Street and Fifth Avenue.

7. What has appeared in the window-box of the woman next door?
(a) Petunias.
(b) A dandelion.
(c) A single gerbera.
(d) A rose.

8. How does Clarissa think we ought first to measure people?
(a) By their kindness and capacity for devotion.
(b) By their kindness and ability to be strong when needed.
(c) By their moral strength and religious devotions.
(d) By the strength of their devotion and their commitment to art.

9. What pet-name does Laura have for Richie?
(a) Richo.
(b) Wog.
(c) Bug.
(d) Baby.

10. What is the last thing Virginia truly perceives?
(a) That Vanessa will be a comfort to Leonard.
(b) A red-jacketed man fishing under a cloudy sky.
(c) A man standing on a bridge and looking at her.
(d) A blue sky and sparrows.

11. How does Laura imagine the birthday cake?
(a) As good as anything in a magazine.
(b) Better than she could by downtown.
(c) As better than anything in a magazine.
(d) Equal to anything in the shops.

12. Where does Virginia's body finally come to rest?
(a) Under a bridge in London.
(b) Against a bridge piling at Southease.
(c) Against a bridge piling at Southwark.
(d) Under a jetty at Richmond.

13. In what way does Laura think she is similar to Virginia Woolf?
(a) She thinks both of them could arrange flowers beautifully.
(b) She has a big nose, and so does Virginia.
(c) She has a husband who doesn't quite understand her.
(d) She thinks she has a touch of the same brilliance.

14. What is Richie nervous about?
(a) Measuring the butter.
(b) Breaking the eggs.
(c) Measuring the flour.
(d) Licking the bowl.

15. What can Virginia feel inside herself?
(a) A parallel, purer self--like a soul.
(b) A black, evil soul.
(c) Hunger--both to eat and to write.
(d) A cancer growing aggressively.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the age difference between Virginia and Vanessa?

2. What is the meaning of the word 'obfuscation'?

3. What is the overall impression of the building Richard lives in?

4. When does Virginia say a person feels free to do anything?

5. Where is Walter Hardy heading?

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