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Alternative Cast

The Hours has already been made into a film. Research the main cast via Imagine you are casting a remake. Who would you cast in the central roles? For each, write a paragraph of rationale.


Write an obituary for Virginia Woolf. You may consult existing material, but your work must be original.


Using the novel as a resource, write an obituary for the poet Richard Worthington Brown.


1) Using Google Maps, locate all the New York places that Clarissa mentions in Chapter 2.

2) Using Google Maps, locate Richmond, Surrey (UK). See if you can find Hogarth House.


Do some research on Richmond-on-Thames and, using your information, compile a brochure for a 'Literary walk' of the place (now virtually a suburb of London). See if you can find out what other famous people are associated with Richmond.

News Stories

Using information from the...

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