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Essay Topic 1

Discuss Cunningham's style in The Hours. Was it essential for him to adopt a style similar to Virginia Woolf's in order to compose this novel?

Essay Topic 2

How can knowledge of the context in which literature was composed deepen a reader's appreciation of the text? In your answer, refer closely to The Hours by Michael Cunningham, but you might expand your response by including reference to an additional text.

Essay Topic 3

Explain the ways in which multiple points of view enrich the narrative in Michael Cunningham's The Hours.

Essay Topic 4

Choose one major character from the novel The Hours and explore the way in which conflict is important to that character's development.

Essay Topic 5

'Cunningham's The Hours is unremittingly depressing.' Do you agree? Is the view of life he presents a gloomy one? Refer closely to the text.

Essay Topic 6

'Clarissa Vaughan is the only...

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