The Hours Character Descriptions

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Richard Brown (Richie)

This tragic character is a perfectionist and over-sensitive to criticism, despite success and acclaim.

Laura Brown

This character's confusion about life choices and relationships has caused unhappiness and, ultimately, tragedy.

Clarissa Vaughan

This idea and name of this character owes much to a well-known novel.

Virginia Woolf

This character's awkwardness in dealing with servants engenders feelings of inferiority, despite outwardly being a talented and successful person.

Louis Waters

This character's life has been unhappy and full of regret. It has been a life with only one meaningful relationship, sadly, with a person who is unable to make commitments.

Julia Vaughan

This character is very similar to the way her mother was when younger.

Mary Krull

This character is a social activist who is very judgmental of other people's decisions.


One of the only two reasonably happy characters in the book and life partner to...

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