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• It's 1941. Virginia Woolf leaves two suicide notes in her home and walks to the river.

• She passes a farm worker.

• She believes she is a failure as a writer.

• The headaches that flagged her earlier breakdown have returned and she fears the worst.

• WWII is well advanced and there are bombers in the sky.
• Virginia notices a fisherman upstream.

• She finds a large stone and puts it in her coat pocket.

• She hesitates about her suicide, thinking about how it will affect Leonard and Vanessa, but she proceeds anyway.

• She walks into the stream and is carried to her death.

• Leonard finds the note addressed to him and hurries to the river.

• He is too late. Virginia is already dead.

Chapter 1

• In late twentieth century New York City, Clarissa Vaughan decides to buy flowers for the party she has planned for the evening.

• The party is to...

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