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Richard Preston
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Short Answer Questions

1. About how many elephants make up the Mount Elgon herd?

2. What do Jerry Jaax and Mark Haines wear for their work in the monkey house?

3. Who does Dalgard not invite into the monkey house to survey the scene?

4. Who does C.J. Peters select to lead the mission into the monkey house?

5. Where has the gear and equipment used for the Reston mission been used before?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Joe McCormick critical of the way USAMRIID had handled Ebola research in the past?

2. Describe the evolution of the "AIDS Highway".

3. What are Dan Dalgard's recommendations for work in the monkey house?

4. What is the Army's policy about hazard pay for biohazard work?

5. Why does Preston characterize the emergence of HIV as "subtle"?

6. Even though C.J. Peters has a strong dislike for Joe McCormick, why does he also respect him?

7. Why does Gene Johnson supply the team with short-wave radios?

8. Why do Nancy and C.J. not ask for respirators when they go to visit the monkey house?

9. What are the three methods of stopping a virus?

10. Why does Peters select Jerry Jaax to lead the mission into the monkey house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The omnipresent fear of death that all humans feel is illustrated throughout the book, especially as they express "awe" (a mixture of respect and fear) in the face of deadly viruses. Find details in the book that represent this awe and fear, and explain how Preston's narrative style and tone are able to capture this fear. How do doctors, scientists, and health professionals react to disease in the book? Select five characters and describe how they react to death or the fear of death.

Essay Topic 2

Summarize how USAMRIID organize and execute the biocontainment procedure at Reston.

a. What do they do well?

b. What mistakes are made?

c. Do you agree or disagree with how they handle the media?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the characters of Charles Monet, Peter Cardinal, Mr. Yu G., and P.G. What is similar in their characters and what is different? How do these similarities and differences affect their fates? How does it affect how they become infected in the first place? Explain why you think Preston chose each of these characters for case studies in the book.

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