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Richard Preston
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hazleton policy on when to change needles?

2. How long does the CDC test for Ebola take according to McCormick?

3. What do the eyes of the monkey that Nancy is cutting open look like?

4. What are all laboratory beakers in a hot zone made of?

5. Why does Nancy's brother call?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Joe McCormick critical of the way USAMRIID had handled Ebola research in the past?

2. What did the first radio reports say that frightened lab workers in the monkey house?

3. What is the memory that Nancy has of her father and her childhood?

4. Why can't a security card be brought into the higher levels of a biosafety lab?

5. Why does the team from USAMRIID decide to wear civilian clothes?

6. Why do the remaining monkey workers leave the monkey house for good?

7. Why is there no known video footage of the Reston mission?

8. Why do Nancy and C.J. not ask for respirators when they go to visit the monkey house?

9. Describe the close calls that Gene Johnson has had with Level 4 hot agents.

10. What is the compromise that the CDC and USAMRIID come up with?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The omnipresent fear of death that all humans feel is illustrated throughout the book, especially as they express "awe" (a mixture of respect and fear) in the face of deadly viruses. Find details in the book that represent this awe and fear, and explain how Preston's narrative style and tone are able to capture this fear. How do doctors, scientists, and health professionals react to disease in the book? Select five characters and describe how they react to death or the fear of death.

Essay Topic 2

Preston compares HIV to Ebola throughout the book. Find examples of this comparison in the text and then compare and contrast the two diseases in the following areas:

- Methods of transmission

- How they developed and emerged from the rain forest

- Their fatality and infection rates

Make sure you explain the similarities and differences of each one, and explain how epidemiologists worked to find the origin of each.

Essay Topic 3

The central conflict in the book can be seen as "humans vs. nature" and Ebola and Marburg virus can be considered main characters/antagonists in the book, and Preston explains that viruses could be seen as either dead or alive.

a. Using examples from the text, explain how Preston personifies viruses.

b. Preston suggests that viruses are more like predators than parasites. Explain this distinction, then describe whether you agree with it or not.

c. Explain how viruses can be both dead and alive. How would you define life? Would you consider a virus to be alive? Why or why not?

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