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Richard Preston
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frantig's condition make Dalgard decide to do?

2. What is the name of the rapid Ebola test developed by the Army?

3. What is Milton Frantig's diagnosis?

4. What are 91-Tangos?

5. How many other people are traveling with Preston?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the memory that Nancy has of her father and her childhood?

2. Why does Preston characterize the emergence of HIV as "subtle"?

3. What is ironic about the position that C.J. Peters leaves USAMRIID for?

4. How does Nancy Jaax explain her belief that Ebola is airborne?

5. Describe the close calls that Gene Johnson has had with Level 4 hot agents.

6. What does Preston carry in his backpack that no one else knows about?

7. What are the three methods of stopping a virus?

8. What are the three priorities that Jerry Jaax and Gene Johnson set for the mission?

9. Why is there no known video footage of the Reston mission?

10. Why does the Kenyan government require that all visitors to Mount Elgon have an armed guard?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Preston compares HIV to Ebola throughout the book. Find examples of this comparison in the text and then compare and contrast the two diseases in the following areas:

- Methods of transmission

- How they developed and emerged from the rain forest

- Their fatality and infection rates

Make sure you explain the similarities and differences of each one, and explain how epidemiologists worked to find the origin of each.

Essay Topic 2

General Russell of USAMRIID calls Frederick Murphy at the CDC to consult with him about the situation at the Reston Monkey House.

a. What is the difference between the mission of the Army at USAMRIID and the CDC?

b. Explain the main reasons why each agency seems like the right one to deal with the problem.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the book, different characters must confront the conflict between wanting to keep animals healthy and having to harm animals sometimes in their pursuit of scientific research. Examine at least three examples of this in the text. Describe the situations, and then write about how you would deal with this conflict. Do you think this is ethical behavior? Why or why not?

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