The Hot Zone Short Essay - Answer Key

Richard Preston
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1. Describe the behavior of the weaverbirds on page 5. What about their behavior would make them interesting to an epidemiologist?

The weaverbirds make bag-like nests. These nests could contain different types of biological materials that could cause an infection.

2. Why are the workers burning the fields? What impact could this have on the migration of microbes and the biodiversity of an area?

The workers burn the fields in order to make the sugar crops yield more. This could allow for microbes to travel in the smoke and disrupt the normal chain of life in an area.

3. Describe the typical shapes of viruses and how Marburg compares to them.

Most viruses are ball-shaped, but Marburg is the only ring-shaped virus. Marburg is considered to be a filovirus, which means "thread virus". It is a thread virus that often rolls into a loop.

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