Objects & Places from The Hot Zone

Richard Preston
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This describes the ability of some infectious agents to be spread by traveling into the body through the lungs.


This is one of the methods of controlling an outbreak. It refers to controlling the source of contagion and then eradicating it.


This is a type of organism that, when viewed under an electron microscope, looks like hairs or snakes. Examples include both Ebola and Marburg.

Fort Detrick

This is where USAMRIID is located.

Hot Agent

This is a potentially lethal virus that must be handled very carefully in controlled environments.

Hot Zone

This is the term for parts of the laboratories at USAMRIID, which are self-contained and used for working with lethal and infectious agents.

Kitum Cave

This location seems to be connected to the deaths of two characters who eventually die of Marburg.


This is an autopsy performed on an animal to determine...

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