The Hot Zone Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Richard Preston
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Essay Topic 1

Nancy Jaax is one of the central characters in the Hot Zone. As a female scientist, Nancy encounters several episodes of sexism.

a. Find examples of roadblocks that Nancy must face due to her gender.

b. One roadblock she faces is being told that that she will neglect her work or her family or both. Has this happened by the end of the book? Explain your reasoning.

c. Do you agree or disagree with her treatment? Support your position.

Essay Topic 2

Preston compares HIV to Ebola throughout the book. Find examples of this comparison in the text and then compare and contrast the two diseases in the following areas:

- Methods of transmission

- How they developed and emerged from the rain forest

- Their fatality and infection rates

Make sure you explain the similarities and differences of each one, and explain how epidemiologists worked to...

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