The Hot Zone Character Descriptions

Richard Preston
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Major Nancy Jaax

This character had reactions to the vaccines necessary for Level 3 work at USAMRIID, so instead focuses on getting into the Level 4 Lab.

Eugene (Gene) Johnson

This character leads an expedition into Kitum Cave looking for the natural host of Ebola, but does not find it.

Colonel Clarence James (C.J.) Peters, MD

This character often shuns military protocol, preferring Hawaiian shirts to uniforms

Dan Dalgard

This character is the veterinarian in charge of the "Monkey House".

Peter Jahrling

This character is the first employee of USAMRIID to test the samples from the monkey house, but he is annoyed with the way they were sent.

Tom Geisbert

This character works the electron microscope in Level 4 and is the first to identify Ebola Reston as a filovirus.

Colonel Jerry Jaax

This character's brother is murdered, but the police are not able to arrest anybody for it.

Charles Monet

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