The Hot Zone Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richard Preston
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Part 1, Chapter 1 Something in the Forest | Part 1, Chapter 2 Jumper

• Charles Monet, a French expatriate living in Kenya, is introduced.

• Monet and a lady fried take a New Year's vacation to Kitum Cave, located in Mount Elgon.

• Monet becomes seriously ill.

• After doctors at a nearby hospital cannot figure out what is wrong with him, he takes a flight to Nairobi Hospital.

• On the flight, Monet becomes violently ill and begins vomiting copious amounts of blood.

• Once in the hospital waiting room, Monet collapses and begins bleeding out of all the orifices of his body.

• Monet is treated by Dr. Shem Musoke.

• As Musoke works on the patient, Monet vomits on him.

• Monet dies, and his autopsy reveals that his body has begun decomposing internally.

• Dr. Musoke begins to show signs of illness.

• Dr. Musoke is put under the care of Dr. David Silverstein, who thinks he has a...

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