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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Jerry take Elizabeth before dinner in Part 2, Chapter 13?
(a) To her apartment.
(b) Night clubs.
(c) To his apartment.
(d) Shopping.

2. Why does Mr. Hibbert get lost in the stories he tells?
(a) He is old.
(b) He is confused.
(c) He is pretending.
(d) He is trying to delay the conversation.

3. Why does Elizabeth tell Jerry about Charlie?
(a) Because she wants to make Jerry jealous.
(b) Because he might know where Ricardo is.
(c) Because she wants to misdirect Jerry's work.
(d) Because he knows more about spying.

4. In Part 2, Chapter 13, who shows up at Jerry and Elizabeth's dinner?
(a) Ricardo.
(b) Drake Ko.
(c) Nelson Ko.
(d) Mr. Tiu.

5. Why does Jerry tell Elizabeth that Ricardo fathered a child?
(a) To confuse her.
(b) To prove he is alive.
(c) To see if she'll confirm it.
(d) To make her jealous.

6. Who is shot by the Cousins' helicopter?
(a) Elizabeth.
(b) Drake Ko.
(c) Nelson.
(d) Jerry.

7. Why doesn't Jerry hurt Smiley when he attacks him at Elizabeth's apartment?
(a) Elizabeth gets in the middle.
(b) Fawn stops him.
(c) Jerry realizes who it is and stops.
(d) Smiley is stronger.

8. How does Jerry get Elizabeth to take him to her apartment in Part 2, Chapter 19?
(a) She invites him.
(b) He buys her drinks.
(c) He promises her safety.
(d) He holds a gun to her.

9. While at the Battambang airport, why does Jerry learns that flights to Phnom Penh were canceled?
(a) There was a storm at Phnom Penh.
(b) Someone stole a plane from Phnom Penh.
(c) Phnom Penh airport was attacked.
(d) There is no reason given.

10. Why does Jerry order his driver out of the car after the meeting with Ricardo?
(a) He wants there to be room for Ricardo.
(b) He doesn't want the driver to overhear Ricardo's story.
(c) He fears there is a bomb in the car.
(d) He wants a new driver.

11. Where does Jerry ride on the plane with Charlie?
(a) In the storage area.
(b) In first class.
(c) In the cockpit.
(d) In coach.

12. What happens to Smiley's investigation around Christmas?
(a) It picks up pace.
(b) It slows down.
(c) It gets side-tracked.
(d) It completely stops.

13. In Part 1, Chapter 12, what agents does Smiley meet at the Cousins?
(a) FBI agents.
(b) ATF agents.
(c) CIA agents.
(d) DEA agents.

14. Who does Luke pretend to be to get Jerry to come to his room?
(a) The female reporter.
(b) Charlie.
(c) Shaw.
(d) Ricardo.

15. In Part 2, Chapter 15, what does Jerry ask the female reporter about?
(a) Pilots.
(b) Drugs.
(c) Marriage.
(d) War.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ricardo say Tiu told him to fly with a pack of opium?

2. Who does Jerry have dinner with in Part 2, Chapter 15?

3. Why does Jerry hang out at the Battambang airport?

4. While at Elizabeth's apartment in Part 2, Chapter 19, who does Jerry ask her about?

5. Why does Smiley insist Jerry flies back to London when they meet at Elizabeth's apartment?

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